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                                                                   Severna Park Post 175,  American Legion World Series  (1997)                                                                      

2020►Annapolis Post 7, Cecil County, Glen Burnie Post 40, Severna Park Post 175

District Standings

Team Wins Losses Games Back Runs For Runs Against
Severna Park
Cecil County
Glen Burnie

Video: How Anne Arundel District American Legion (MD) can benefit from the stimulus package

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Legion Baseball 2020 Senior League Major Rule Changes

Listed below are 2 rule changes approved for the 2020 season.

Number of pitches permitted in the first game of a doubleheader

A pitcher may now throw up to 45 pitches in the 1st game and be eligible to pitch in the 2nd on the same day. A pitcher is permitted to throw a combined 105 pitches on the day and may exceed 105 pitches only to finish pitching to the batter he is currently facing when reaching 105 pitches. 

Player with a season ending injury can be replaced on the roster

With a doctors medical excuse and the approval of the Activities Director, a player who has had a season ending injury can be replaced on the roster.

Legion Baseball Online Courses, Resources

American Legion Baseball is proud to present the following resources in cooperation and partnership with USA Baseball. (Link) 

USA Baseball Education Center for American Legion Baseball coaches, featuring online courses, development initiatives and an introduction to Pure Baseball

Legion Baseball


Jack Milburn

District Baseball Chairman

If you're interested in playing, coaching, or forming a new team in Anne Arundel County or nearby, let me know.

    Pitch Counts (2019)

    Date Team Pitcher Jersey Number Pitches Next Date Available
    5/28/19 Annapolis Sean Talbot 7 66 June 1
    5/28/19 Annapolis Eric Chaney 9 21 May 29
    5/28/19 Annapolis Cam Nolet 10 13 May 29
    5/31/19 Annapolis Cam Nolet 10 80 June 5
    6/1/19 Annapolis Tripp Templeton 11 57 June 5
    6/8/19 Annapolis Matt Ferony 3 69 June 13
    6/8/19 Annapolis Eric Chaney 9 19 June 9
    6/8/19 Annapolis Christian Smith 18 23 June 9
    6/9/19 Annapolis Cam Nolet 10 103 June 14
    6/9/19 Severna Park Cam Clark 5 82 June 14
    6/9/19 Severna Park Brendan Simonds 25 75 June 13
    6/9/19 Severna Park Dylan Young 9 13 June 10

    Pitch Count/Required Rest Days

    County School Enrollment (10-12 grades)

    School Enrollment
    Annapolis 1104
    Broadneck 1540
    Chesapeake 1048
    Arundel 1541
    Glen Burnie 1347
    North County 1461
    Meade 1427
    Old Mill 1491
    Northeast 998
    Southern 779
    South River 1426
    Severna Park 1367
    St. Mary's (Annapolis) 388
    AACS 292
    Indian Creek 170
    Severn School 317
    Rising Sun 885
    Elkton 752
    North East 777
    Perryville 617
    Tome 109
    Bohemian Manor 475